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Yaroomba Beach to restart public notification period

The Yaroomba Beach project will restart the official public notification period for its development applications under assessment by Sunshine Coast Council.

Yaroomba Beach Project Director Evan Aldridge said a simple administrative error was the cause.

“Regrettably, our planning consultant did not include a cover letter to the Queensland Government’s State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) in the project’s information response to Sunshine Coast Council,” Mr Aldridge said.

“The introductory cover letter is sent to SARA to notify them of documents being sent. A copy of this letter is to be sent at the same time to Council, which in this case did not occur.

“While the cover letter has been published and is available to everyone on the project website, it has not been available on Council’s PD Online application enquiry system.

“It is extremely disappointing to restart the public notification process, but the reality is there was an administration error in submitting the documentation to Council, so we have to fix it, it needs to be right, and so the only option is to restart the public notification process for Yaroomba Beach.”

Mr Aldridge said people would now have from Friday 17 November 2017 until Tuesday 16 January 2018 to review the applications and have their say on Yaroomba Beach.

He stressed that nothing about the development applications had changed.

“Unfortunately, restarting this process means any submission lodged with Sunshine Coast Council before 17 November 2017 will be informal,” he said

“Council may still take informal submissions into account when it decides the development applications however informal submitters will not have the right to appeal Council’s decision.

“If you have already made a submission and want it to be a formal submission, we recommend that it is re-lodged.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope this advice assists all members of the community who wish to have their say on the development applications,” he said.